We leverage smartphone capabilities to collect location, behavior, and vehicle data. Our technologies are wrapped into a single Telematics SDK which is backed by a device-agnostic mobility platform and APIs.

This robust solution enables our clients to develop various data-driven products as well as disrupt the existing markets by providing innovative services at a reduced price.

Our solution removes technological and financial barriers for companies that are working on launching or maintaining smart mobility products. it takes less than 40 min to turn any apps into telematics app.

Smart transportation, smart cities, and usage-based insurance all rely on data smartphone telematics data collection. Even if the business vertical, reliable data is vital for assessing performance, measuring effectiveness, and calculating potential returns. Our solution provide access to location, driving behaviour and vehicle data for companies around the world.

Capabilities of Our Platform

Mobile Telematics is a cutting-edge technology based on more than just telecommunication and information. It uses GPS and mobile phone sensors to collect data about driver behavior, location patterns, and apply it to urban transportation, insurance, fleet logistics, automotive, and other market verticals. This information helps analyze crucial metrics like locations, geo zones, driving style, performance, and points of interest.

Our Advanced vehicle telematics is made for both individuals and organizations, helping them manage data like fleet performance, utilization cost, and driving quality, as well as user telematics like preferences, lifestyle, and points of interest. Our mobility platform unlocks access to powerful data:

Who Benefits from Mobilie Telematics Technology

Understanding real-time data helps drivers comply with road safety requirements and improve their driving style. They can also reduce accident risk scores by following the safe driving tips featured by our applications.

Our driving telematics solutions are also useful for organizations. We have provided data backing for:

  • Urban Transport

  • Insurance

  • Automotive

  • Fleet & Logistics

  • Deliveris

  • Telematics providers

  • Market research

  • Ad-Tech

  • Fleet platforms

  • Telcos

  • Universities

  • Others