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How about integrating vehicle telematics into your insurance services in order to provide your customers with Smart Insurance? With Telematics, that is easier than you could imagine.

  • Avail yourself of our telematics SDK and let us turn your existing app into a data-driven product in 5 hours or

  • Opt for a next-generation white-label telematics app developed within as little as 14 days.

Stmart Insurance Products

Mobile telematics is something that can make your company synonymous with advanced, efficient, and reasonably priced products. And we will turn this into a reality straight away. Be at the forefront of innovation in the insurance industry by making good use of:

What we do for insurance

Our mission is to make a difference in underwriting, risk prevention, and customer acquisition.

Behaviour Analytics:

Our technology is a breakthrough in driver behavior analysis. It allows you, as an insurer, to measure risks based on driving behaviours and lifestyle variations to reduce the overall risk level of your portfolio.

  • Driven Mileage

  • Annual mileage forecast

  • Time in motion/on duties

  • Time of driving (night, day, rush hours)

  • Rapid acceleration

  • Harsh braking

  • Speeding

  • Cornering

  • Driving style consistency

  • Distracted driving (incl. phone use while driving)

  • Phone model

  • Mode of car usage

  • Vehicle utilization

  • POI

  • Type of transport

  • Road accidents

Risk Management

Data from vehicle tracking systems can be pointless unless you use it right. We will help you process all insights so that you can keep down customer acquisition and renewal costs while establishing well-targeted communication.

Telematics risk model

Upgrade your analytics capabilities with telematics scoring that boasts the highest predictive value. It allows you to determine the 10%-segment of the most responsible customers who yield 25 times less in your loss amount than 10% of the least responsible ones. What’s more, those drivers who use telematics are reported to be 47% less loss-making than other drivers.

Behavior modification

Telematics has already done its bit for driving behavior modification, yet many find it hard to get used to the groundbreaking technology. At Telematics, we believe that our mobile solutions, coupled with incentive programs and backed up with effective communication, can facilitate the transition process for your customers and encourage long-term progress.

Value added services

What sets our technologies apart from run-of-the-mill GPS mobile trackers and behavior analysis tools is that Raxel Telematics brings value to your services. We assist you in developing customer-oriented insurance products, managing risks, and modifying driving patterns with the help of driver reward programs and advanced communication channels.

  • Eco-Driving
  • Customer acquisition
  • Community & Parental control
  • Rewarding & Competition
  • Claims verification
  • Life-style analyses